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Berrien County Lakes

Berrien County offers a lot of inland lakes to discover the lake living lifestyle. Berrien County has over 62 inland lakes for you to choose from ranging from all sports lakes, private lake, public lakes and no wake lakes. In addition to the calming lifestyle living on a lake offers there are many possibilities for fishing as well.  

Berrien County Lakes

Lake Chapin
  Acres: 600 acres
  Type of Lake: All sports, Private/Public no Public launch site
  Fish: Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Bass, Walleye, Panfish
Paw Paw Lake
  Acres: 857 acres
  Depth: Up to 90 feet
  Type of Lake: All sports, Public Lake with hard surface ramps
  Fish: Black Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Walleye, Yellow Perch
Bernhart Lake
  Acres: 45 acres
Black Lake 
  Acres: 20 acres
  Depth: Up to 20 feet
  Type of Lake: Public Lake with hard surface ramp
  Fish: Bluegil, Largemouth Bass
Boot Lake
  Acres: 7 acres
Boyle Lake
  Acres: 22 acres
Brush Lake
  Acres: 48 acres
Buchanan Lake 
  Acres: 10 acres
Burrus Lake
Clarks Lake
Clear Lake

  Acres: 76 acres
  Type of Lake: Public Lake
  Fish: Bass
Colvin Lake
Coveney Lake
Crescent Lake
Curtis Lake

  Acres: 23 acres
Damon Lake
Davidson Lake
Dayton Lake

  Acres: 60 acres
Garwood Lake
Grand Mere Lakes
Hagley Lake
Harris Lake
Hess Lake
Hibbard Lake
Indian Lake
Jacobs Chapel Lake
Jarvis Lake
Judy Lake
Kibler Lake
Klutes Lakes
Lake Anne
Lake Louise
Little Indian Lake
Little Paw Paw Lake
Long Lake
Madron Lake
Moon Lake
Mud Lake
Murphy Lake
O'Brien Lake
Paw Paw Lake
Pike Lake
Pine Lake
Pipestone Lake
Riggins Lake
Round Lake
Rowe Lake
Rug Lake
School Lake
Shady Lake
Sherwood Lake
Singer Lake
Smith Lake
South Clear Lake 

  Acres: 61 acres
Steinbauer Lake
Wagner Lake
Weaver Lake

  Acres: 17 acres
Webster Lake
  Acres: 50 acres
Yellow Lake
  Acres: 37 acres
  Type of Lake: Private Lake

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